On certain days, even when you’ve woken up early or made extensive arrangements to go for a ride, a feeling breaks through what makes sense and you become aware that you will not enjoy the trail very much.  While it is naturally possible that you’ve just misinterpreted the signal — wires between the mind and the body are always at least somewhat crossed — and you will end up surprising yourself once you get rolling, it’s important to know when it’s really there; a good ride depends on a solid connection to yourself and to the trail, and if that isn’t going to happen, the next-best thing you can do is to enjoy a good non-ride.

Whatever you end up doing, it was made possible by letting a bike lead you to what you really want, and knowing that makes everything more enjoyable.  It’s through maintaining this mindset that you start to see riding not just as something you do, but as a part of you — a way of life.  After all, you will have that much more energy saved up for next time.  And you know there will be a next time.