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balancing while sideways & other lessons from mtb

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Finding Flow

“Achieving flow depends on more than just the mastery of technique. The delicate balance where ability meets challenge requires many factors to be in perfect alignment… Everything feels smooth, regardless of trail technicality, sometimes it even feels slow and its only a Strava sanity check that confirms you are riding fast. You are in the zone.”

Moving With A Trail

Watching and riding with guys like these is about a lot more than learning which way to turn at each intersection; their confidence will inspire you to loosen up a little more through each section, to see and try new lines, and in so doing connect you — even just for a moment — with a trail’s natural […]

On Psyching In

Mountain biking is exciting for 3 primary reasons: The amount and variety of landscape and nature one can experience in a single ride is unmatched by any other sport. The sensation of speed through the trees and grass and fresh air as they form a tunnel around you and the blur of dirt beneath your bike. Virtually […]