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balancing while sideways & other lessons from mtb

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In the Zone

Some great pre-ride inspiration before the weekend, brought to you straight from some great riders on Whistler Mountain.

Crash & Learn

A beautiful and important lesson equally applicable to clearing trail features on a bike: Mindful failure is perhaps the best way of understanding why success looks the way it does.

Moving With A Trail

Watching and riding with guys like these is about a lot more than learning which way to turn at each intersection; their confidence will inspire you to loosen up a little more through each section, to see and try new lines, and in so doing connect you — even just for a moment — with a trail’s natural […]

Seeing the Trail for the Forest

It takes real passion to create something, especially in the face of adversity.  As communities of trail builders form around visionaries like Lorien and Mike, a collective confidence forms as well, and that’s when great things happen.

Riding a ber.m right

Every once in awhile, on certain rides and in certain states of mind, it’s possible to feel like you’re watching yourself turn in as much amazing detail as this, and time slows down to meet the oddly patient desire to take it all in, and the only memory you have of it all is a residual sense of wonder and […]